1. Research management and technology transfer in agricultural development and molecular genetics techniques.
2. Consultancy
- Identifying production priorities in the field of farm animals and poultry production.
- Marketing animal products, drugs, vaccines and other production requirements. I have a long experience in representing drug producing companies and introducing their products to Iraqi market via governmental tenders and private sector importation. More recent, and through cooperation with Dream Inc. of Canada, I introduced several veterinary drugs and nutritionals produced by Canadian companies. During the bird flu episode, and through the same line of cooperation, I introduced a quick immunoassay kits to diagnose bird flu H1 and H5, in addition to kits for the diagnosis of bovine brucellosis, TB, Newcastle, IB and IBD. The kits were produced by Anigen, a South Korean company.
3. Networking
- Providing links between Europe (mainly UK), USA, Canada, New Zealand and the Arab states in the field of agricultural development and production sector on the official and private levels. Similar links could be established in all related fields of science and technology.
- Advising on and facilitating links with Iraqi universities and marketing of developed postgraduate studies of UK to Iraq, on official and private levels.
4. Translation
- Translating and interpreting from/to English/Arabic and vice versa in the fields of agricultural, veterinary and bio-medical sciences. Political and social sciences can be accommodated. 
*Accredited member of the Iraqi Translation Association*
5. Teaching
- Teaching genetics and bio-medical statistics (example of topics) to postgraduates, small study and honour groups, private tutoring, in addition to reading, editing and rectifying scientific reports in the related fields.
- Supervising students, of any level, including proofreading and rectifying thesis.
6. Conducting statistical analyses of biomedical research.